Safety Tips for Black Friday Shoppers

November 04, 2022

Who doesn't love a sale? With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we're all counting down the days until Black Friday, the biggest sales day of the year. For some who plan well, Black Friday is also a chance to get all of their holiday shopping done in one day.  However, it is all too easy to succumb to the lure of the sale sign and lose your mind. Take a few minutes and review our Black Friday Shopper Tips to ensure a successful shopping day.   

In the Store:

  • There is safety in numbers. Bring a friend or family member with you for extra safety, and a little extra fun on your shopping trip. If you cannot find someone to come along, avoid walking alone and ask a mall security officer to walk you to your car if you feel unsafe.
  • Bring and use only ONE credit card. Credit cards help to avoid the theft or loss of large amounts of cash which is irreplaceable; also, if your credit card is stolen, it’s much easier to cancel and replace one card as opposed to all of your cards.
  • If you must use cash, use an ATM in a well-populated, well-lit location. NEVER throw ATM receipts away at the ATM location.
  • Keep purses and bags zipped and on your body at all times. Never leave your purse or bag unattended or in a shopping cart. Thieves will be on the lookout for purses left open or unattended.
  • Carry your car keys, cash, and credit card separately from each other. If possible, carry these items in your pocket and leave your purse at home. Too many women have their purses, or the contents of their purses, stolen on Black Friday.
  • If you’re shopping with children, be proactive and select a central place to meet in case you are separated from them. Teach them to ask a security guard or a store employee for assistance if they can’t find you.  
  • There are probably one or two hot-ticket items that you’ve had your eye on, waiting for a price drop. No matter the deal, don’t fight over it. Anyone can get carried away in the Black Friday blitz, but trust us: Whatever you’re tempted to battle over isn’t worth it. Chances are, you’ll get a similar deal online for Cyber Monday!  
  • Save your receipts! The abundance of discounts we see that day might lead to a few impulse purchases. Keep your receipts handy for seamless returns and exchanges. 

On the Road and in the Parking Lot:

  • Put all of your packages in the trunk before leaving one store and driving to another. Waiting until you get to the next store allows others to see bags and gifts go into the trunk and then see you heading into the mall or store.
  • Avoid parking next to vans and large trucks that block your car from the view of others or block your view to fully see around you.
  • Lock all doors and hide any items that could be stolen, even if you’re only leaving your car for a short period of time.
  • When backing out of a parking space, look for cars waiting for your space, other drivers backing out at the same time, and those who may be speeding through the parking lot. 
  • When shopping, keep packages in the trunk or hidden from view in the interior of the car. 
  • Look underneath your car and in your backseat before you get into your vehicle. Criminals have been known to lie underneath your car or in your backseat waiting to attack you when you enter your car.
  • Park directly under lights whenever possible.
  • Always bring packages into the house instead of leaving them in the car.

If you keep these tips in mind while grabbing the greatest deals that Black Friday has to offer, your holiday shopping can be smooth and successful. Stay calm, stay safe, and go get those deals you’ve been waiting all year for!